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Stuff that Matters, Episode 6 – Kevin Poirier

September 5, 2023 New Hope Happenings

On today’s episode of stuff that matters, we kick off September with Kevin Poirier, the assistant principal at Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools. Now that we’re post Labor Day, kids are back in school across the nation, so class was in session, as Kevin taught us some valuable lessons sharing his experiences. He discusses how he got his start as a teacher, coming to the East Coast after graduating from UCLA in 2012, and his first role at West Charlotte High School. It wasn’t all A+’s however, Kevin nearly resigned in his first year, but decided to stick it out and his passion has grown over the last decade. We talk about mental health amongst students, school shootings and what the school systems are doing to enhance the overall safety, social medias impact on today’s generation of students, the parent’s perspective, and more.

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