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Stuff that Matters, Episode 7 – Ricky Johnson

September 12, 2023 New Hope Happenings

Ricky Johnson is a five-year Marine veteran and a public speaker. Just last year alone he presented close to 100 sessions. speaking in jails, prisons, schools, churches, with law enforcement, active-duty military and veterans, conferences and treatment facilities. He spoke to our staff and residents at New Hope about a year ago. But his story goes much deeper than that. We talk about his upbringing and childhood, joining the marine core and having a son while he was a senior in his high school, some of the challenges he faced which included addiction and substance abuse, his son taking his own life, the felonies he was convicted for, but also how he was able to turn those low points in his life into turning points for him to make a change. He explains how he was able to mend relationships with loved ones, friends, and even start new relationships like the powerful one he has today with his wife. It’s those relationships and those past experiences that impact, not only where he is, but who he is today.


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