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Helping Youth with Trauma and Maltreatment Histories

November 1, 2012 News

This Saturday, November 3, the Family Advocacy Network will hold a workshop designed to help children who have suffered traumatic pasts transition smoothly into adolescence and adulthood. The even will be held Saturday morning at the Freedom House Recovery Center Cafeteria in Chapel Hill between the hours of 9:30 and 11:30 AM.

Early childhood trauma or abuse often leads to troubling behavior in youths, and results in negative life choices and risky behavior. This workshop will provide research-based theories and practices designed to encourage healthy, positive decisions and actions. The session will be hosted by Dr. Deborah Jones, and is open to public participants as well as professionals of the field.

From Mental Health America of the Triangle:

“Dr. Deborah Jones will facilitate interactive discussions, as well as a model and practice of positive parenting skills associated with reducing youth vulnerability for risky behaviors.  Workshop materials will focus on the caregiver’s role, however, the information will also be useful for providers working with youth who have trauma/maltreatment histories. Other information you will learn includes:

– the critical role of caregivers in helping youth with trauma/maltreatment history

– how to safely navigate the transition to adolescence

– ways to identify opportunities for risk

– how to reduce at-risk behaviors among this population.”

Please click here to register and see complete event information.