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New Hope Hero – Ms. Kelly Cignarale

June 15, 2022 New Hope Heroes

Introducing our latest New Hope Hero, Ms. Kelly Cignarale!

Ms. Kelly works as a Clinical Counselor on our boys New Choices program.  Throughout her tenure with New Hope she has demonstrated many Super Hero Powers but all agree it is her overall approach with our residents that makes her a Hero.  Her ability to day in and day out provide: active listening, kindness, thoughtfulness, genuine level care and compassion are all skills used when working with our youth.

Ms. Kelly has the patience and determination to process behaviors with our youth by tying lessons learned at New Hope into skill development for success at home, in school and in the community.  Often times youth in our care struggle with low self-esteem, having Ms. Kelly help accelerate skill building increases confidence, raises self-esteem and sets kids up for success.  As Kelly says, “If you ever think your too small to make a difference, try being alone in a room with a mosquito. I love seeing how New Hope transforms the kids lives and makes a difference.”

Thank you, Ms. Kelly, for your dedication, caring and professional approach with our youth at New Hope…You are a huge difference maker!!

New Hope Hero – Ms. Kelly Cignarale