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New Hope Hero – Ms. Keysha Page

June 30, 2022 New Hope Heroes

Introducing our latest New Hope Hero, Ms. Keysha Page!

Ms. Keysha works in our school as an Education Support Specialist.  Her job title captures her super powers very well.

Educational – Ms. Keysha is always in teaching mode and making sure kids are getting what the need in the classroom.

Support – Lending support for kids and staff is crucial to ensure our students achieve positive outcomes and Ms. Keysha is extremely supportive of all.  She is viewed as someone the kids can always count on for assistance as well as someone her colleagues can count on.

Specialist – Her ability to see teachable moments, capture and recognize positive moments with her students, provide unconditional support for the students,  makes her the “special” person she is.  She loves to celebrate student success!

Recently we had a student earn their diploma but was going to be discharging before we could hold an official graduation ceremony for them. Ms. Keysha really wanted to acknowledge this student’s accomplishment and important milestone and quickly put together a unit graduation celebration for her.  The student was touched and likely will remember her diploma ceremony for a very long time.

The students and staff at New Hope Carolinas are lucky to have someone as special and caring as Ms. Keysha Page!  Thank you Ms. Keysha for all you do.