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Stuff that Matters, Episode 9 – Gordy Pyper

September 26, 2023 New Hope Happenings

We speak with Gordy Pyper, a leader in the Child Welfare space. Gordy is a longtime friend and former coworker of Stuff that Matter’s own, Mike O’Connor. The two go way back to their time working together with the Eckerd Wilderness program. Gordy discusses his history and professional journey, his experiences with the wilderness program and that space as whole.

We discuss some of the things that could be done differently as it pertains to mental health treatment, the process and services that are provided.

Another part of his journey that is engrained into who is today is the story of adoption. Gordy was adopted himself, which had a profound impact on and created a close connection to the adoption process and the foster care system. It’s ultimately what led him to being open to becoming an adoptive father, which he became more than 15 years ago, as he is now the adoptive father of two sons.