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Bridge Program’s Success Seeing Positive Results

April 22, 2024 New Hope Happenings

Rock Hill, S.C., April 22, 2024 – When New Hope Treatment Centers Inc. launched the Bridge Program in 2023, the need for the services was evident.

One thing that is extremely predictable and has been for decades is that more family involvement equates to better long-term outcomes for kids. That’s what sparked the Bridge program’s inception. The Bridge program employs full-time mental health staff who embed themselves in the homes of the parents of youth we are serving at New Hope. Those staff members then stay with the family for up to 90 days post discharge. The program has surged so rapidly thanks to the work and dedication of our Director of Care Management, Tashina Stout, and our Bridge Program Supervisor, Krystal Long, who joined us in June of 2023.

Some of the highlights the program has celebrated include hiring two new transition specialists and being fully staffed throughout 2024. We recently did a 6-month look back at the data and outcomes the program was generating.

Total Families served since program inception: 128

Families Currently Being Served: 59

2024 Success Rate for youth receiving Bridge Services: 87%

2024 Success Rate for youth NOT receiving Bridge services: 82%

*The following results were based on a survey given to parents/legal guardians

My New Hope Transition Specialist was kind, supportive, and seemed like they really cared about me: 100%

My New Hope Transition Specialist helped me reflect on areas that I need to grow and change to better support my child: 93%

My New Hope Transition Specialist helped ensure I was engaged in my child’s treatment process and was able to voice any concerns I had productively: 87%

I feel confident in supporting my child once they come home from PRTF: 87%

My New Hope Transition Specialist was able to help me with my youth’s discharge plan and link us to important resources to help us succeed: 80%

“The one number that jumped out to me was 93% of parents participating in the Bridge program report that the program has helped them reflect on areas they need to grow and change to better support their child,” said COO Matt Simon, MA, LMFT. “Let’s go! That might seem small and simple but that’s a game changer in the residential space. That shows this program is creating the conditions for true sustainable and multi-generational change. Tashina Stout and Krystal Long have done an incredible job”.