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New Hope Happenings

June 28, 2022 New Hope Happenings

June 27th, 2022

Dear Parent/Legal Guardian/Treatment Ally,

Here is what is happening at New Hope!

It has been a great month at New Hope.

We have had dozens of young people successfully graduate this month and move on to the next stage of their treatment journey. Many of them are returning back to their home community with a fresh start.

This last month we were able to host our first annual Neighborhood Barbeque and invite several members of our local first responder teams to join. It was a blast seeing our residents interact with these professionals in a positive context where everyone was laughing and having a great time. This was a nice way to say thank you to our local first responders but also to build healthier frames of reference for our youth around law enforcement.

At that event, one of the most powerful experiences we had all month was hearing from a former resident (now adult/mom/professional) who graduated 12 years ago from the New Hope Program. She is now in her Masters program studying to be a child psychologist. Her story of resilience and hope was so moving. She was able to share her story with dozens of staff and residents who were able to draw inspiration and empowerment from her. Needless to say, it was a fantastic day and truly one filled with our namesake: New Hope. She is why we do what we do and she let all of our current residents know that their story can be the same.

We continue to manage ongoing COVID cases for our staff and residents and do so vigilantly. Our team of high-quality medical professionals are doing everything in their power to keep us all safe.

Thank you for your ongoing support!


Matt Simon, LMFT