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Stuff that Matters, Episode 12 – Dan Nash: Human Trafficking, Drug Trafficking

October 18, 2023 New Hope Happenings

Dan Nash is the founder at Human Trafficking Training Center. After serving 27 years in law enforcement working patrol, narcotics, violent crime and anti-human trafficking, Dan had a revelation that completely changed his outlook on the epidemic that is still a major issue in the US and worldwide to this day. We talk about his background, some of the misconceptions he became aware of, the stats and key numbers, the experience which ultimately changed his perspective and view on human trafficking. We dive into the intersection between human trafficking, drug trafficking, and trafficking crimes. Dan also shares what kind of services the Human Trafficking Training Center offers and how far their reach has expanded. Although this is one of the heavier discussions and topics we’ve had since this podcast’s inception, it was incredibly interesting and insightful.